Residential Projects

As experts in interior and architectural design, we understand that your environment can greatly enhance your day-to-day living. As such, we are able to transform a living or office space or an entire building by working with an existing layout, each with its own set of constraints. Our designers will list every detail such as light sources, electrical points, entrance and exit points and acoustics to create a new plan that can maximize the space according to your needs.

Our understanding of the rules of layout planning means we can turn even the simplest of rooms into a master piece. No single detail is overlooked, as you will not that even the electrical layout is designed for your optimal comfort and convenience. Similarly we are experts in the fields of incorporating directional alignment into space planning for a more relaxed feel.

Typical Flow of a Residential Project:

Introduction: Now that you have chosen your home, it’s time to allow our design team to show you how we can transform those creative ideas into a practical reality.

Selection: Determine your budget. We do the rest. A timeline is agreed.

Partnership: See how your vision unfolds as our design team produces a range of solution designed to encapsulate your lifestyle and personality.

Visuals: Yours ideas are brought to life in a selection of computer-aided, three-dimensional designs of each room.

Turnkey: Relax as we turn your vision of a dream home into a reality by handling the entire process from start to finish.

Welcome Home: Once all the amenities have been connected, it’s time for you to step inside.