Shri Babulal G Mistry born on 10.05.1955 at a place called Thoi ,Sikar Rajasthan, He has with him the experience of 25 years of carrying out in Interior Work. During this span he has covered the Interior designing of Corporate, hotels and residential sector. The list of the elite customers is given below along with their testimonials.

He has the mastery in all types of Marble related work.

On his personal traits he is a Gentleman with vide range of hobbies relating to health and fitness his achievements are given below further he has vide range of experience in horse riding, and related games like

Polo Jumping ,Polo etc. Also he takes keen interest in athletics like jogging also he is active member in the Gymnasium which shows his mark of fitness culture.

List Of Elite Customers

Reliance Industries.

Taj Mahal Hotel

Oberoi Hotel.

List of Meretious certificates from various strata.

Participation in Cycling In-house competition conducted by The National Sports Club Of India secured first place.
Participated in TOPSPIN SPINNATHON NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP conducted by Topspin India Healthcare Pvt.Ltd. securing title of fast spinning at 1st Place.
Participated in the contest of Spin world ( indoor cycling) conducted by Club Mahindra & Fun Cinema and secured 1st Place.